01. About us

Born in 2020, Ideal Services Singapore (IDS) provides socio-religious services to Muslim communities both in the country and around the world.

We aim to honour all transaction by providing superior customer service and experience with the highest possible satisfaction.

Our current services include the annual Qurban as well as Aqiqah and Nazar. These rituals are conducted in Australia and Indonesia.

We also provide Document Shredding Services for religious text materials, such as unused Al-Quran. This service includes collection and disposal. For other bulk shredding services, please contact us here.

For all our services, we aim to provide superior customer service and experience, and we hope to give the highest possible satisfaction, as ideal as we can. InsyaAllah.

by Ideal Services Singapore

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02. IDS Latest Projects

We have big dreams, with bigger hearts.

Our signature project will be Qurban, Aqiqah and Nazar. We aim to provide everyone with an affordable option to perform Qurban overseas. This year, we will be providing this opportunity in 2 countries; Australia and Indonesia. Do check out what we have to offer by clicking on the icons on the right.